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Xiaomi Redmi X86 giant screen TV, 4K display + metal body RMB 4999

Xiaomi previously announced the Redmi X86 giant-screen TV. Xiaomi...

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Bluetooth version of Xiaomi wireless switch is on sale today: priced at 39 CNY

Xiaomi announced today, the Xiaomi wireless switch Bluetooth version today all channels officially opened for sale!

Xiaomi wireless switch Bluetooth version can realize “one key trigger” and “one thing three uses”, support click, double click and long press, can control a single product can also control the scene; upgrade speedy mode, support fast response without delay.

In standard mode, Xiaomi Wireless Switch provides single and double buttons, supports 3 kinds of actions: click, double click and long, and has “Extreme Mode” (click only), which can be used with Smart Gateway to meet the demand of multi-device and multi-scene control.

The Xiaomi Wireless Switch Bluetooth version supports Bluetooth 5.0 BLE and can be used together with Bluetooth Mesh-enabled gateway devices to link up with other Mi Home smart devices at home.

In addition, the Xiaomi Wireless Switch Bluetooth version does not require wiring, and can be placed according to personal habits paste or concealed box installation. In terms of battery life, Xiaomi Wireless Switch Bluetooth Edition uses a coin cell battery, which can have 2 years of life and over 50,000 presses.




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