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ZEEKR OS 4.2 launched for 001 models, with 14 new functions

ZEEKR OS 4.2 has been launched for 001 models, with 17 ECU links, 14 new functions and 28 detailed optimizations.

Upgrade of the new customised map:

  • New shortcut cards: In the map interface, shortcut cards can be displayed in a fusion. In addition to the “trip information, music and personalised apps” cards, the new car control cards also allow you to perform common functions such as “outside beep, auto park, all-weather lights and rear fog lights”.
  • New quick function buttons: add viewpoint switching, range, system settings, broadcast mode and other common navigation functions to the map interface to simplify operations and reduce distractions.
  • New bubble tips for congested roads: When planning your route, you can anticipate the duration of congestion relief in advance to facilitate reasonable planning of your travel route.
  • New tripartite mobile phone application sharing function: support for commonly used mobile phone applications including WeChat, Gaode Map, Meituan, VW Dianping, Baidu Map and other location-sharing functions to the car.
  • Optimize the information on the location details page: pictures and ratings have been added to the information column to help understand more information about the destination and facilitate trip planning; at the same time, common interest destination categories such as surrounding food, car parks and charging stations have been added to facilitate the quick search for nearby interest locations.
  • Optimise the display of large images of intersections in the navigation: highlight the correct driving direction and add elements such as road signs, service areas and toll stations to the display.
  • Interface layout optimization: Customized UI interface, fully integrated with the visual style of ZEEKR OS; New 3D model car logo, adding a sense of exclusivity; Optimized transparency of building blocks in 3D mode, more intuitive display of navigation information.
  • Optimised voice system: Optimised navigation tone, consistent tone for the whole car; added branded announcements such as “JINZI Departure”.

New car wash mode:

  • The car wash mode will automatically adjust the windows, charging flap, wipers and other related items with a single click, so as to avoid water entering the car wash or mistakenly touching the wipers, etc.; at the same time, the car wash mode will be linked to the parking comfort, so that the car will not be locked automatically when the owner goes to the rest area, and the key is no longer needed.

New Netease Cloud Music App:

  • The new app includes a massive music library, original and exclusive music content, personalised FM, podcasts and other features, and the mobile phone account’s collection and other information can be seamlessly synchronised with the car (Note from IT Home: Netease Cloud Music VIP resources in the car are only available to Netease Cloud Music car members, and are not interchangeable with mobile phone App members; from now until May 31, 2023, scan the code to log in to Netease Cloud Music in the car and receive 3 months of free in-car membership. (From now until 31 May 2023, you can get 3 months of free in-car membership by scanning the code on your car.)

360° panorama image upgrade:

  • New 360° panoramic image floating window display: Add the intelligent floating window function, when turning at low speed or driving into narrow roads, the panoramic image can be displayed as a floating window, avoiding the blocking of map screen information in full-screen mode, and can switch between full-screen / floating window modes with one click.
  • New 360° panoramic image obstacle distance indication: 12 ultrasonic radars at the front and rear accurately identify the distance between the front and rear of the vehicle and the obstacle within a certain range, and display the exact distance value in the panoramic image in real-time.
  • 360° panoramic image model display optimisation: optimised 2D / 3D transparent model display effect, the screen display is more smooth.
  • 360° panoramic image interface layout optimisation: front/rear wheel view buttons have been added to the panoramic image homepage.

EVA voice assistant experience upgrade:

  • Optimised EVA display logic: when playing videos in full screen, the EVA avatar in the top left corner of the screen is hidden and only pops up when waking up, so that it does not actively disturb.
  • Optimised EVA response time: the average response time for voice interaction has been reduced by 300ms.
  • New voice setting method: you can directly access the voice setting function by long-pressing the EVA avatar in the top left corner of the screen.
  • EVA car control functions are semantically enriched: 13 new car control functions such as “adjust kinetic energy recovery level”, “adjust mirror angle” and “open streaming mirror” have been added, and 8 car control functions have been optimised. The experience of the functions is optimized.

Optimised charging information display:

  • Richer information on the charging interface of the car console: current and voltage decimal places and charging power are added to the charging information on the centre console.

Upgrade of the cabin experience:

  • New front seat ventilation and heating AUTO mode: When AUTO mode is switched on, the seat heating/ventilation levels can be adjusted in real-time according to the ambient temperature and air conditioning settings.
  • New Park Comfort quick switch: A new Park Comfort switch has been added to the “Door Control” pop-up window that automatically appears when the car is in P gear.

Other new features and experience optimisation:

  • New electronic eye speeding recognition function
  • New fragrance memory function
  • New function to delete the car recorder
  • New home page music card collection function
  • New vehicle locking sound
  • Added tire pressure recommendation value
  • Optimize the sound of the Smart Drive function
  • Optimised glove box password display
  • Optimised main instrumentation and HUD head-up display information layout
  • Optimised air intake and drying logic
  • Optimised rear seat belt unfastened alarm tone
  • Optimised BSD alarm tone
  • and a number of feature upgrades


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Intel’s Meteor Lake-S desktop processor and Emerald Rapids Xeon server chip prototype out

Intel has started sampling Meteor Lake-S desktop CPUs and...

Temu is now available in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and other markets

Temu, the cross-border e-commerce platform of Poundworld, was launched...

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