Home News Xiaomi Mijia Smart Piano Lamp is on sale: priced at 899 CNY

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Piano Lamp is on sale: priced at 899 CNY

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Piano Lamp is on sale: priced at 899 CNY

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Piano Lamp had previously started crowdfunding. It uses hidden wiring and supports independent and convenient remote control. The crowdfunding price is 699 CNY. Xiaomi Mall announced that the Mijia Smart Piano Lamp is now officially on sale. The hand price is 899 CNY, and the suggested retail price is 999 CNY. The professional keyboard spectrum light is used to evenly illuminate the piano score; the radar records the effective playing time; the integrated anti-glare light cut-off design protects eyesight.

In terms of design, this piano light adopts an integrated light cut-off cover, which can better avoid direct light from hitting the human eyes. It also has a radar sensing function, which can automatically switch the light on and off. With the Mijia App, it can also record the time when the child plays the piano, helping parents Remotely understand the status of children’s piano practice.

The Mijia Smart Piano Lamp uses high-quality LED lamp beads, with a color rendering index of Ra95, has RG0 blue light exemption certification, has no video flash, supports professional key spectrum light, and can cover 88 keys in the horizontal direction. In the music area, the vertical asymmetrical TIR lens controls light, and the uniformity of the music area reaches 1.4.

In terms of smart control, the Mijia Smart Piano Lamp supports the smart interconnection of the Mijia App. At the same time, two modes are set in the Mijia App, the focus mode provides 5000K cool white light, and the eye-friendly mode provides 4000K neutral light.

In addition, the Mijia Smart Piano Lamp has a built-in 3/4 metronome, imitating mechanical blunt sound without harshness, with an independent remote control, six beats and 090bpm stepless speed gears can be adjusted freely.