Home News Xiaomi 12S Ultra final design shown off in leaked poster images

Xiaomi 12S Ultra final design shown off in leaked poster images

Xiaomi 12S Ultra final design shown off in leaked poster images

The hype around the Xiaomi 12S Ultra has significantly grown over the past few months. Now as its launch approaches, we are moving from leaked images to actual photos of the 12S Ultra flagship device. Official promotion images of the Xiaomi 12 series have hit the internet.

In this article, we will focus on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, and its design. Already we know that Leica is now an official partner with Xiaomi. This partnership will bring a flagship camera experience to the 12S series. The design of the Ultra model in the 12S line screams photography.

The first striking feature one will notice at the first glance of this device is its huge camera cutout. A bit similar to that on the Huawei Mate 40 series and Leitz Phone 1. But, the difference between the camera cutout of this coming Xiaomi flagship is its aggression. It’s obvious and bold, unlike the rather subtle circle on the other devices mentioned.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra

In total, we can count three camera lenses at the rear, along with a few sensors. The main camera sits in the middle of the circular cutout and is a 1-inch Sony IMX989 lens. We do not have the exact capacity of each lens (megapixels) but it sure would pack a punch. 

From the available images, this device will not carry the Leica logo. Just a strip that reads the name “Leica” along the side of the camera cutout. The only colour from the promotion images is black, and it comes with a leather-like back coating. This might help improve grip and also add to the style of this device.

Moving away from design, size of the main camera, and material it uses. Let us now face the main question. Without any doubt, the main issue is how this device will perform in terms of photography. Would it come with the right tools to dethrone top camera competitors? We will wait to find out its true performance after its launch. The spoiler is that this device wouldn’t go through any camera testing from DxOMark.