VR game Fruit Ninja VR2 launched, online Quest and PC VR platform


The Steam platform for the preemptive version of the VR game “fruit ninja VR2” today announced the end of the preemptive experience and launched the official version. The game is now available on Quest and PC VR platforms.

It is important to note that the official version of the game has been moved from $20 (currently about RMB 138) to $25 (currently about RMB 172) compared to the preemptive version, and the domestic price has not changed yet.

The official version of Fruit Ninja VR2 will add a multiplayer social center and a multiplayer competitive mode and will bring new weapons and game modes in subsequent versions of the game, according to the news.

Fruit Ninja VR2 Game Description:

The sequel to the juiciest VR game ever! Build your collection of knives and bows. Cut a path through unique levels and minigames. Explore the vibrant world of Fruitasia and become a true fruit ninja master!

  • Blades & Music: Slash and slash your way through handcrafted levels. Slice fruit to the rhythm of music, fend off flying fruit machines, and test your reflexes as you pummel the fruit!
  • Bows & Arrows: Master the new bow and arrow and shoot fruit from a distance. Line up the fruits in a row to achieve a combo and hit a heart attack to increase your score!
  • Weapon Collection: Collect unique props and bows by completing challenges. Try the icy ice bow or the retro pixel knife!
  • Explore the World: Unlock new areas as you progress through the game. Explore the training grounds and enjoy the sights and sounds of Fruitasia!
  • Discovery: Find Fruitasia’s hidden secrets, play a mini-game and discover interactions! i