Home News Vivo Car update: support phone voice assistant function

Vivo Car update: support phone voice assistant function

Vivo Car update: support phone voice assistant function

According to OriginOS official release, Vivo smart car again evolution, new adaptations QQ music, CarLife protocol car machine new use of cell phone voice assistant function, Yealink agreement car machine new vertical screen car machine adaptations.

New QQ Music

Add QQ Music into the car application, and at the same time complete the authorization of QQ Music on the phone, you can listen to QQ Music.

Add method: enter the car terminal settings – cast screen application management. Open QQ Music on the car, the phone at the same time pop-up authorization page, click “confirm authorization”.

CarLife protocol adds the use of phone voice assistant function

The CarLife protocol can’t use voice assistant in some cars because of hardware compatibility problem. The new version can be switched to the use of cell phone voice assistant, and you can directly radio through your cell phone and give commands to the car when driving.

Switching method: Go to Settings, Voice and Voice Assistant – Use cell phone voice assistant. * Jovi voice upgrade to V14.8.5.8 or V4.8.5.8 or above is required.

New Vertical Screen Car Adaptation for Yealink Protocol Car

Upgrade the vertical screen car experience of Vivo smart car, optimize the visual display of Yealink vertical screen car, and greatly enhance the readability and ease of use of the car page.

Vivo smart car update: