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USB-C cable for iPhone 15 series phones revealed

USB-C cable for iPhone 15 series phones revealed

If nothing unexpected happens, Apple will bring you a brand new iPhone 15 series in September this year. Currently, the USB-C data cable for the iPhone 15 series has also been exposed online.

According to the pictures released by @MajinBuOfficial, the new iPhone 15 series models will be equipped with a new USB-C to C braided data cable, which is available in different colors and may have faster data transmission speed and higher durability. Different color iPhones may correspond to different color data cables, or they may not be given as gifts by default but allow users to purchase them by themselves.

From the picture, this data line adopts a design similar to the current MacBook data line. The current MacBook Air official data cable seems to be only available in white and black (there are also space gray, midnight and starlight colors overseas), but iMac has many colors (yellow, green, blue, pink, etc.) , purple, orange, and white seven colors, which correspond to the color matching of the fuselage, and the same is true for MacBook Pro).

The specific specifications and features of this data cable are still unclear, but it is reported that it will support data transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps, which is the fastest USB-C specification to date. In addition, it will also support PD charging power up to 100W, which means users can charge their iPhone 15 faster.

In addition to the USB-C data cable, there is also news that the iPhone 15 will introduce a new MagSafe charger. The charger will feature a magnetic connection design that will hold the device more securely and prevent accidental disconnection.