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Toyota responds to continued production cuts in the next 3 months: easing pressure on dealer earnings


In response to the news that “production will continue to be reduced in the next three months”, FAW Toyota responded to “Knowing Car Emperor” today.

It is reported that an insider from FAW Toyota said, “This matter is based on the current market competition environment. On the one hand, we face the real pressure on dealers in terms of funds, inventory, income, etc., and strive to ensure sales quality by the end of the year. On the other hand, on the basis of stabilizing sales volume and reasonable profits this year, we can also adjust our posture for sales growth next year.”

The other party also said, “The absolute inventory is not high, about 1.1 months. The highest inventory period in history (2014-2015) has been 2.7 months. However, the market price has dropped too seriously, so the sales side tries to reduce dealer inventory as much as possible.” reduce vehicle capital costs and relieve dealers’ income pressure.”

According to previous reports, yesterday a number of bloggers posted a “letter to dealer partners” from FAW Toyota, which mentioned that FAW Toyota will continue to make significant downward adjustments from December this year to February next year. production plan.

FAW Toyota stated in the letter that on the premise that it has significantly reduced production in October and November, it will adjust the allocation downward to 66,000 units in December, and to 60,000 units in January next year. In February (Note: Next year’s Spring Festival will be on February 10) adjusted to 38,000 units. It is said that this move is to “ensure that the inventory pressure and financial pressure of dealer partners are completely improved, and that dealers have a healthy and sound business posture.”


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