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Toyota electric vehicle manual transmission simulation patent published

Toyota electric vehicle manual transmission simulation patent published

According to foreign media motor1 reported on Wednesday local time, Toyota Motor recently announced a latest patent application, demonstrating a device for electric vehicles to simulate “manual transmission”, claiming that the number of gears has increased from From a technical perspective, there is “no limit”, which means that users can freely set the number of gears they want.

The patent provides images showing the device offering up to 14 gears. According to reports, the driver can accurately select the transmission ratio he wants.

The description in the patent document states that the principle of the device is to use the controller of the electric motor to simulate different virtual gear ratios, thereby giving the driver a shifting experience similar to that of a manual transmission.

When the driver selects the highest or lowest gear, the system automatically switches to the corresponding virtual gear set. For example, if the user selects “6th gear mode” and is currently in 6th gear, the system will change the currently available transmission ratio and prompt the user to move to a higher gear or drop to a lower gear.

According to previous reports, Toyota announced earlier this year that it will add simulated manual transmissions to electric vehicles starting in 2026, combining the traditional manual driving experience with electric vehicles.

During the Tokyo Motor Show at the beginning of this year, Toyota showed two concept cars based on the legendary AE86: while retaining the original appearance of this classic old car, the power part was upgraded to pure electric and hydrogen energy.

Among them, the pure electric AE86 uses the same drive motor as the Toyota Tundra Hybrid and is equipped with the same battery pack as the new Prius. Additionally, some parts of the vehicle are shared with Lexus. It is worth mentioning that the car is also equipped with a manual transmission.