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Top 100 Global Quantum Computing Patents Announced Huawei and Tencent in the list


Quantum computing is one of the current hot frontier technologies and is also the focus of research and development by major global powers, of which quantum computers are considered to be a technology that surpasses traditional electronic computers, depending on the strength of each country, of which the number of patents related to quantum computing is a key indicator.

Recently, IPRdaily Chinese published the list of global quantum computing technology invention patents (TOP100), which ranks the number of invention patent applications in the field of quantum computing that are publicly available worldwide as of October 18, 2022.

The quantum computing technology fields in this list are restricted to quantum computing processing systems and methods, quantum line operation methods and devices, quantum state layering methods and devices, quantum program transformation methods and devices, quantum logic gate operation optimization methods, superconducting quantum processors and quantum measurement and control; quantum key encryption, quantum computing resistant cryptography and other technology fields are not included.

The top 100 companies on the list are mainly from 18 countries and regions, with the US accounting for 40%, China for 15% and Japan for 11%.

Among them, IBM, a technology company from the United States, ranked first with 1,323 patents, while Google, a US technology company, and D-Wave, a Canadian quantum computing company, ranked second and third with 762 and 501 patents respectively.

As for Chinese companies, they mainly include Hongyuan Quantum, Baidu.com, Wave, Tencent Technology, Huawei, Alibaba, Turing Quantum, Qico Quantum, Quantum Spin Technology, State Grid, Guoyi Quantum, Alibaba Dharma Institute, Sichuan Yuanmu Technology, Jianyin International and Yongda Electronics.