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Xiaomi 12S Ultra Review: 2022 Smartphone Photography Standard

the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is a bold statement and reaffirms Xiaomi as a company capable of holding its own in the flagship smartphone space. That's aside from the fact that Xiaomi is one of the biggest mid-range smartphone brands.

Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro Revealed With A New Processor

Xiaomi is now on a device launching spree as it is set to launch the Xiaomi 12S and 12s Pro with a new Snapdragon processor.

The new generation Huawei MatePad Pro is about to be released, and the official poster says it will “define the boundaries of the tablet experience”

On July 19, 2022 Beijing time, Huawei Terminal official Weibo released a warm-up poster, officially announcing that the new generation of HuaweiMatePad Pro will be officially released with the theme of “Defining the Boundary of Tablet Experience”. This time, the Huawei MatePad Pro is expected to leverage “black technology” to achieve a breakthrough in tablet experience and further enhance productivity and creativity.

Excellent genes both in, not afraid of challenges

Since the launch of the early generation of products in 2010, Huawei tablet business has gone through more than ten years. Ten years is not much time, can be used to drill a certain technology, can also be used to innovate a certain appearance …… process, Huawei has released a number of impressive works.

Take the M series for example, as the first business card of Huawei tablet, its contribution is to play the name of Huawei tablet audio and video entertainment strong, so that many users successfully pit, enjoy the use of tablet brush drama, listen to music and other extraordinary experience. Entering 2019, the arrival of a series of flagship new products of Huawei MatePad heralded the ambition of Huawei tablet to enter the high-end. In fact, the series of tablets have indeed accumulated a lot of achievements in terms of user reputation, gradually forming the public perception of “Huawei tablet positioning productivity and creativity”.

In early 2020, with the continuous maturation and development of 5G technology, the world’s first 5G tablet Huawei MatePad Pro 5G was born. 5G and tablet, what kind of spark will come out of the combination of the two concepts? In this regard, Huawei MatePad Pro 5G gives the answer to the top network status with high speed and low latency; faster and higher data transfer level; and a gaming experience with no lag in the hands ……

Last year, Huawei released the first flagship tablet equipped with HarmonyOS 2, extending the use of functions, the tablet also makes the creativity of Huawei tablet to a new stage. Thus, Huawei Tablet’s excellent genes have been laid down, and in the process of steady development, it is naturally not afraid of challenges and innovations.

Three categories of connection to live up to expectations

Every time a new Huawei tablet is launched, there are always various discussions and evaluations around. The reasons for this are just two, one is to expect to see a new breakthrough, and the other is to want to perceive in the specific use experience. Specifically for this Huawei MatePad Pro, you can see the seven words “Define the boundaries of the tablet experience” on the poster published so far, and the overall poster design language also presents a style full of “black technology”.

For the three digital products appearing on the poster, the specific points to the probability of three categories of tablets, PCs, cell phones. According to Huawei’s official announcement that the new MatePad will debut with HarmonyOS 3 and other information, the new generation of MatePad Pro may usher in a major black technology update, possibly ushering in a major breakthrough in restoring the PC ecology and enhancing the mobile experience.

The focus on the “restore PC ecology” point, simply put, is to open the tablet into a PC experience in seconds. From operating with keyboard and mouse, to opening and operating multiple applications at the same time, to quickly saving content to the desktop during file management …… PC features, Huawei tablet is being realized one by one. With hardware accessories such as Huawei M-pencil stylus and intelligent magnetic-absorbing keyboard, paperless operation is the foundation, and what you can expect to see in the Huawei MatePad Pro is a more intelligent and collaborative operation. Whether it’s learning or working, efficiency is steadily improving.

With the emphasis on “enhance mobile experience” and the keyword “mobile”, Huawei MatePad Pro will cater more to the real needs of today’s office workers, that is, to have a stable and fast environment to handle work tasks outside the office. This of course cannot be seen from a unilateral feature enhancement, but needs to be considered in combination with the range, Hongmeng ecosystem, performance, and even the appearance design and other aspects. According to the current official information provided by Huawei, the rate of wireless transmission, the size of the files that can be carried; cell phones, tablets, PC three categories of interoperability between the ability, speed; flat battery capacity level; the overall degree of thinness, body weight, etc. are the direction that can be followed, the specific can wait for the new launch to verify and contrast one by one.

In general, the use of the tablet can provide users with productivity and creativity is still the direction of the current Huawei Tablet continued efforts, and naturally will not easily disappoint the user expectations.

Ecological integration to promote the future

How to achieve the effect of “1+1>2”? This question is thrown to different industries, back to the flat-panel business, is required to do to constantly break through the barriers between different devices and systems, and continue to promote the integration between the ecology.

In this regard, Huawei Tablet stands on the basis of the HarmonyOS, constantly trying to open links with other devices to further facilitate the use of various scenarios of the user process. To sports, for example, high frame rate, high screen ratio, and other advantages make Huawei Tablet become a lot of fitness experts at home to follow Liu Keng Hong to do exercises, in order to make the fitness situation can be recorded in real-time, can be paired with Huawei bracelet to monitor; to learning, for example, Huawei cell phone received on the homework or information can be quickly transferred to Huawei Tablet after class, and then dragged back to the phone after completion, the whole process in one go, the super terminal. The combination makes learning more efficient; to work design, for example, Huawei Tablet can work with the Huawei laptop for multi-screen collaboration, the laptop to play video and other materials, the tablet using the stylus for simple creation, and we can control the laptop screen on the tablet side, or in turn, use the laptop to control the tablet ……

Of course, all of the above are for the user’s personal experience, Huawei tablet this move in the industry as a whole, which undoubtedly opens up a new dimension of the domestic tablet business: no longer just a magnified version of the play entertainment “cell phone”, but with cell phones, laptops interconnected productivity tools. Or combined with the small size of the tablet, easy to carry the characteristics of the view, it is more like a central nerve, while achieving the functions of the phone can not be achieved while meeting the various requirements of users on the PC side.

In the future, can we carry only a tablet to go out and rely on it to complete a variety of office, entertainment, and other needs? Huawei Tablet is moving forward on this road and striving to find a definite answer. We look forward to the performance of the Huawei MatePad Pro after its release.




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