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The Galaxy S23 Ultra is rumored to use a 10 MP telephoto lens, with an emphasis on software optimization.

Samsung is about to launch the new Galaxy Z Fold4/Z Flip4 folding screen in a few weeks, but the buzz about the Galaxy S23 product line early next year has also started to gather steam. According to GalaxyClub, Samsung may use a 10MP telephoto lens for the Galaxy S23 Ultra flagship smartphone, meaning the company will focus more on software optimizations.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is said to be the first to introduce a periscopic camera with 100x zoom.

At the same time, other brands have Android smartphones that offer 30x and more zoom magnification.

However, consumers don’t seem to be too excited about it, after all, it’s a departure from most people’s daily use needs.

(Photo from: Samsung Electronics)

Even so, the 100x zoom is a key selling point for Samsung’s Galaxy S Ultra product line.

Fast forward to the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s periscopic camera, and the user’s zoom experience is further enhanced.

Compared to the sample shots, Samsung has significantly improved the sharpness of what is captured with the 100x zoom, thus greatly enhancing the usefulness of the feature.

Of course, even if the Galaxy S23 Ultra will continue to use the same 10MP zoom telephoto lens found on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, that doesn’t mean that the company can’t continue to improve its experience.

It’s also important to note that the Ultra model actually has two zoom lenses — the Galaxy S22 had two similarly sized 10MP sensors, but only one of them had a periscopic design.

If the rumors are confirmed, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will continue to feature two 10MP zoom cameras, and noted tipster @UniverseIce speculates that Samsung is aiming to continue cutting costs.


Earlier this year, Samsung was criticized for over-controlling the cost of the Galaxy S22 due to its overheating and throttling issues.

Still, while apologizing to shareholders and customers, the company insisted that it had not deliberately weakened the chip performance and thermal performance of the smartphone series.

Back to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, @UniverseIce has also praised the Galaxy S22 Ultra for its excellent zoom experience. As for the truth about alcohol, please wait for the official announcement in the first half of 2023.




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