Home Gaming The closed beta of the FPS game Payday 3 will start from August 2nd to 7th

The closed beta of the FPS game Payday 3 will start from August 2nd to 7th

The closed beta of the FPS game Payday 3 will start from August 2nd to 7th

Payday 3″ will open a technically closed beta from August 2nd to 7th. Submit an application to play for free on Steam (accelerator required) and Xbox Series S|X, and click on the Steam store Enter here.

The official will review and approve the applicants (randomly) every day and will send an email if the application is approved. Pre-purchasing a game does not guarantee that players will pass the closed beta test. During the test period, you can record screens, live broadcasts, etc. In the beta version, the game contains a heist and 4 characters, the level cap is 22, and the game progress will not be carried over to the official version.

Payday 3 system requirements:

  • Minimum configuration: i5-9400F + GTX 1650 4G
  • Recommended configuration: i7-9700K + GTX 1080 8G

Game Introduction:

 One of the most popular co-op shooters of all time - the highly anticipated sequel PAYDAY 3 returns! Since the series' launch, PAYDAY players have been reveling in the thrill of planning and then executing heists, allowing PAYDAY to create an intense co-op FPS experience like no other.

 Say goodbye to retirement and return to the life of the Payday Gang, as they are the envy of their peers and the nightmare of law enforcement wherever they go. Years after the team members ended their reign of terror in Washington, D.C., a new threat emerges, forcing them out of retirement and back together.

 The legendary team that terrorized the police and the underworld - the Payday Gang - is back at last. Their legacy of turmoil raises new threats, forcing them to leave their peaceful lives in retirement and return to their old jobs.

 To identify and neutralize this new threat, they left their home base in Washington, D.C. and traveled to New York. New locations mean new challenges, but also new opportunities for prepared raiders.

 Unleash your greed in PAYDAY 3. In addition to gold, cash, jewels, and other valuables you may come across, you'll also collect tons of weapons, cosmetic items, and honor.

 It's not as simple as arriving at the scene and looting items. You'll have to think and plan carefully to get as much loot as possible. Gain experience, unlock new skills, and master weapons to steadily improve your abilities and take on tougher challenges.