Home Gadgets Tesla wireless charger that can charge three devices at one-time, price $ 300

Tesla wireless charger that can charge three devices at one-time, price $ 300

Tesla wireless charger that can charge three devices at one-time, price $ 300

Tesla last year overseas official website listed a multi-device wireless charger, pricing 300 U.S. dollars (currently about RMB 2061), supports three devices at the same time charging, which means that can realize Apple’s once dreamed-of AirPower function, now the first batch of customers have received this high-end multi-device charger, foreign media 9to5mac hands-on experience with this product, together with a look at how its performance.

The Tesla multi-device wireless charger is powered by FreePower’s latest “place anywhere” Qi system, which can wirelessly charge up to three devices at once, with 30 coils that can Qi charge a phone or headset placed anywhere on its surface, without the need for alignment.

The authors say they were impressed with the charger, from the look and feel of the hardware to the FreePower second-generation technology. The removable magnetic base is a smart and practical design that allows the charger to adapt to different angles and heights in different settings, such as the office, bedroom, kitchen, etc. And the details are well done, such as the ultra-soft Alcantara material covering the entire top of the charger, the magnetic base with built-in cable management, and a sophisticated LED light that shows the charging status without interrupting sleep.

As for FreePower’s claim that it enables the iPhone to support MagSafe, it’s true. Every time you put your iPhone on the charger, it quickly recognizes it and starts charging. And it doesn’t matter where you put your phone, it doesn’t affect the charging effect.

The authors tested the charger with several devices, including the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro, and AirPods Pro 1st and 2nd generation (of course, this charger works with any Qi-compliant device as well). It was found to charge up to three devices at the same time, and there was no need to align the positions. Wireless charging is easily achieved by simply placing the device on the charger.

The authors believe that this charger is still very good and not only allows you to place your devices where you want but also provides a high-quality wireless charging experience. Although the maximum charging power of the iPhone is only 7.5W, while Android devices can reach 15W (of course, many Android devices can support higher power), it’s not felt to be a disadvantage. If you are really in a hurry to charge your phone, you will use a wired charger or mobile power directly, but you rarely encounter this situation. The convenience of being able to put down the device and start charging without having to think about the location is priceless.

The author also makes some constructive comments. First, if this charger were a little wider, it would better accommodate households with multiple large-screen phones (6.8 inches or larger). Second, a detachable cable would likely be better. While an integrated USB-C cable helps keep things simple, what if you spend $300 on this high-end charger and then the cable breaks? Especially if you have pets, be careful to keep the cable out of their reach at home.

All in all, the authors believe that Tesla and FreePower have achieved what Apple once dreamed of for AirPower, and in a more high-end design. If you want a multi-device wireless charger and have a requirement for looks and feel, then the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform will definitely satisfy you, and he gives the Tesla Wireless Charger a score of 4.5 out of 5.