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Tesla Model S/X gets new swivel screen, enhances infotainment experience

Tesla Model S/X gets new swivel screen,  enhances infotainment experience

Tesla has allegedly updated the Model S and Model X with a new infotainment capability. Both models will feature a new motorized swivel function for the centre screen. Owners will be able to tilt the electric vehicle’s huge infotainment system using this capability.

Elon Musk last year announced the inclusion of a 17-inch centre console display with ‘left-right tilt’ ability, for the refreshed versions of the Model X and Model S.  Soon after, both the product pages for the Tesla Model S and Model X mentioned this added feature. These product pages were updated after a few months, and all information related to the swing-tilted features was removed.

This feature was already available as an aftermarket modification, but not as a pre-installed feature. Additionally, rumours earlier suggested the complete absence or removal of the motorised swivel mechanism. This was due to mismanagement in the supply of parts.

Arrival of swivel screen for Tesla Model S and Model X

As per a news story published by Electrek, Elon Musk’s Tesla has already updated its Model S sedan and Model X SUV crossover. The models now feature a motorized swivel screen for enhancing the entertainment experience inside the EVs.

This is not a surprise, knowing how heavily Tesla invests in the entertainment functionalities of its vehicles. For instance, if an owner is looking to catch up on their favourite shows or see a blockbuster movie, Tesla Theater is a great option from the tech giant.

Twitter user Larry Li shared a video of what appears to be a Model S with a motorized, swivelling center display.

Twitter user larry Li revealed the swivel screen feature

This is the first sight of the feature in an outdoor setting. With a touch by Li on the screen, the display is tilted to the left, then to the right. It’s important to note that the video also shows a custom-installed motorised front trunk, which is not a pre-installed feature.

Li mentions that the vehicle was out of production during the last week of April. This indicates that since then, the new vehicles incorporate motorized swivel centre screens.

The upgraded swivel display is kind of a ‘standard of life’ enhancement feature. There is enough of an angle provided by the swivel to allow the screen to face either the driver or the front passenger.