Home Electric Vehicles Tesla Model 3 road test Spy shots at the Shanghai factory reveal

Tesla Model 3 road test Spy shots at the Shanghai factory reveal

Tesla Model 3 road test Spy shots at the Shanghai factory reveal

According to the news of the e-car network, at present Tesla Shanghai super factory of the new Model 3 production workshop production line debugging has been basically completed, into the final perfect finishing stage.

According to another source, the new Model 3 test prototype can be seen on the factory road every weekend. Pictures taken at the site show that the front and rear of the new model are still covered in camouflage and that it has grown in size compared to the current model.

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The new Model 3, codenamed Project Highland, could add some new features, and the latest rumors suggest that the new car could inherit some features from its big brothers, the Model S and Model X. The new Model 3 is expected to be the first of its kind to be launched in the near future, with the new Model 3 being the first to be launched in the near future.

Twitter user Kelvin Yang (@KelvinYang7) was the first to claim that the new car would come with ventilated seats, having accurately revealed some information about Tesla China. Then Tesla China enthusiast Jay in Shanghai also shared a video showing what are believed to be the ventilated seats of the Model 3. As you can see from the video, the overall design of the seats hasn’t changed much, but you can clearly see the small holes in the bottom of the seat and the backrest that allow airflow to pass through, as well as the motors in the bottom of the seat.

Yang also said that the new Model 3 will also come with ambient lighting and an upgraded sound system. Ambient lighting is a feature that many owners are looking forward to, with some even installing their own third-party kits that are on the market. It’s also a feature that comes standard on many high-end models, though different people have different preferences for it. As for what upgrades will be made to the audio system, there’s no concrete word yet, but it’s possible that a second subwoofer will be added.

According to the recent public reveal of the Project Highlander Model 3, the new car will see a few changes on the exterior, including new front and rear headlights and front and rear bumpers. The interior also sees signs of a new steering wheel and the removal of the gearshift lever.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

In addition to cosmetic changes, the new Model 3 will feature the latest Hardware 4.0 (HW4) system, including an upgraded camera. The HW4 system is already available on the Model S, X, and Y, and delivers enhanced Autopilot performance and safety.

The car was first revealed last fall, but a new release date is still unknown. It’s worth noting that yesterday, July 9, marked the six-year anniversary of the first production Model 3 to roll off the assembly line.