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Tesla Model 3 High-Performance Version Spotted Again, Expected Launch in Q2


Tesla’s soon-to-be-released Model 3 high-performance version of the “Ludicrous” model has recently appeared in a California showroom. It is reported that Tesla is holding a private press conference there to prepare for this model that has not yet been officially unveiled.

A set of photos surfaced online on Monday, showing what appears to be a “Ludicrous” version of the Model 3 parked at a Tesla showroom in Malibu, California. Since it was April Fool’s Day, many netizens expressed doubts about the authenticity of the photo.

However, multiple sources subsequently confirmed the news. The first batch of exposed photos show that there are several “Ludicrous” version Model 3s covered by car covers parked outside the exhibition hall. There is also a covered car parked in the center of the exhibition hall, with seats placed around it, seeming to be preparing for the launch. .

Later in the day, another social media user, BooDev, shared more photos showing an unmasked “Ludicrous” version of the Model 3, as well as Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen’s matte black Cybertruck pickup truck. The post said the showroom was hosting a private event for the new car.

The photos also show the tail badge of the “Ludicrous” version of the model that was previously exposed at the end of February. One of the photos shows a new front bumper that is suspected to be aerodynamically optimized, and a short video captures the car leaving the showroom. picture. According to BooDev, this model will accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds.

It is noticed that the Tesla Model 3 high-performance test car has been exposed many times in the past few months. von Holzhausen officially confirmed the imminent arrival of the model at the end of January. The new car is expected to land in the North American, Asian and European markets. It was previously understood that Chedi reported that the domestic version of the new Tesla Model 3 high-performance version is expected to be launched in the second quarter, and its price may be close to 400,000 RMB.

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