Home Brand Story Tesla gives 11,000 workers in Germany a 4% wage increase

Tesla gives 11,000 workers in Germany a 4% wage increase

Tesla gives 11,000 workers in Germany a 4% wage increase

According to the Wall Street Journal report, Tesla Germany management late last week notified 11,000 workers, from November to raise wages by 4%. The union had previously said that their wages were below the industry average.

Tesla will also pay a 1,500-euro (currently about RMB 11,730) bonus in December to offset inflation and raise the annual wages of German workers by an additional 2,500 euros (currently about RMB 19,550) starting in February, people familiar with the matter said.

Tesla said in October that it would inform employees about the level of raises, adding that it had raised wages by 6% last year. German labour union IG Metall had previously said that Tesla’s wages were about 20% lower than those stipulated in the collective bargaining agreement.

It’s worth noting that the United Auto Workers UAW took aim at Tesla after defeating the Detroit automaker trio.UAW President Sean Fine’s predecessors, Bob King and Dennis Williams, both met with Musk. In 2020, Williams pleaded guilty to embezzlement and racketeering.

Fine saw no reason to meet with the Tesla CEO. “I don’t know what that would do,” he said. “Once we get organized, maybe we’ll meet at the table.”


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