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Tesla autopilot team loses a key figure, Autopilot project product director leaves


Kate Park, product director of Tesla’s Autopilot project, recently announced that she has left Tesla to join the AI data platform Scale AI as product director.

Kate Par tweeted that she had enjoyed building the Autopilot data engine at Tesla and was excited to expand the product to multiple industries from computer vision to large language models.

Kate Park, a former computer science student at Stanford University, joined Tesla in April 2018 as an Autopilot computer vision intern. Prior to that, she had internships at Uber, Palantir and Google. Having worked at Tesla for almost five years, she has held several roles on the Autopilot team, contributing to the development of the project.

Many Tesla fans may remember that late last year, Tesla held an AI Day where Kate Park demonstrated the Autopilot data engine and how it could improve the neural network to enhance the performance of Autopilot. Kate Park is also one of the inventors of a patent awarded to Tesla in 2020 called “Autonomous and user-controlled vehicle summoning target”, which she co-wrote with Elon Musk and Andrej Karpathy, among others.

Kate Park will be moving to Scale AI in San Francisco, where Scale AI says, “At Scale AI, our mission is to accelerate the development of AI applications. We believe that to make the best models, you need the best data.” Scale AI works with companies and clients such as Microsoft and Meta, as well as AI companies such as Open AI and Cohere.

According to her Link profile, Kate Park currently serves as Director of Product Management at Scale AI.