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OpenAI Launched Assistants API, Allowing Developers to Customize AI Assistants with One Click

At today's OpenAI's first developer conference, OpenAI launched the...

India’s censorship body gave power to remove pirated Movies from platforms

India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting announced that its...

Apple will not produce 27-inch iMac equipped with a Silicon processor

The Verge reported tonight that Apple will no longer...

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Sony PlayStation welcomes Savage Game Studios to its family

As Sony PlayStation steps into the mobile gaming scene Savage Game Studios will help to make Sony game avaiable for mobile gamers.

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ASE secures exclusive order for capacitive button SiP modules for Apple’s iPhone 16 Series

According to Taiwanese media "Economic Daily", ASE Investment Holdings...

Hongqi EHS7 is about to debut at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show

Before the opening of the 2024 Beijing Auto Show,...

2024 Beijing Auto Show Tour: Porsche Macan EV

Before the opening of the 2024 Beijing Auto Show,...