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Thunderberry5: The first Qualcomm AI-CPU-equipped development board to rival the Raspberry Pi

A large number of Raspberry Pi development boards have...

FiiO FT3 Headphones released: 60mm large size, priced at 1999 CNY

FiiO Metal large dynamic coil high-resolution headphones FT3 released,...

How much does ChatGPT cost? $2-12 million per training for large models

ChatGPT took the world by storm, technology giants have...

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Samsung updates One Hand Operation + app: Adds show/hide taskbar feature

Samsung has recently updated the One Hand Operation+ application. The update fixes some of the problems that existed in the previous version but also...

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold to launch in future might come with an S pen slot

The next-generation of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold might launch with an inbuilt slot for the S Pen and also reduce the screen crease.

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Samsung Galaxy A54 5G will soon be available: with bright yellow

Samsung online store has warmed up Galaxy A54 5G...

Ericsson and MediaTek set new record for 5G downlink speed of 4.36 Gbps

According to daily news, recently, Ericsson and MediaTek successfully...

Apple to release USB-C interface AirPods Pro 2 soon

Developer "aaronp613" previously found the model number A3048 AirPods...

Microsoft signs CarbonCapture contract to start capturing and storing CO2 by 2024

Microsoft recently announced that it has signed a CarbonCapture...

Vivo to launch S17 series phones in Q3 this year: 3 models, up to 16GB RAM

According to foreign technology media The TechOutlook reported that...