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Apple iPhone 14 Pro dark purple new color first

Apple has just announced the iPhone 14 Pro and...

Intel’s 13th generation Core revealed to have cut PCIe 5.0 SSD support

Intel's 12th generation Core released last year not only...

Meta Acquires Haptic Feedback Startup Lofelt, Continues Its Metaverse Experience

As Facebook parent company Meta Platforms gets involved in...

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Mechanical Revolution new Code 01 programmer book revealed

Mechanical revolution official revealed that the new Code series programmer book will be released at the earliest at the end of this month. Now,...

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Intel plans to mass produce 5th generation CPU process in four years

In Xing Ye's movie "Kung Fu", the evil god...

Tesla chairman: to build factories on all continents, China is important

Tesla Inc. is now focusing on the Chinese market...

LG’s 97-inch OLED evo Gallery Edition TV opens for pre-order, priced at over RMB 200,000

In the recent IFA2022 exhibition in Europe, LG officially...

Huawei MateStation S Desktop on sale from yuan 4399

On September 6, Huawei announced the new MateStation S...

Huawei Watch Kids 4 Pro health code screenshot function online

Huawei Children's Watch 4 Pro was recently pushed