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Toyota responds to continued production cuts in the next 3 months: easing pressure on dealer earnings

In response to the news that "production will continue...

India’s censorship body gave power to remove pirated Movies from platforms

India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting announced that its...

OpenAI Launched Assistants API, Allowing Developers to Customize AI Assistants with One Click

At today's OpenAI's first developer conference, OpenAI launched the...

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Lenovo launches Yoga Slim 7 thin and light notebook: 3K 90Hz OLED screen

The company has announced the Yoga Slim 7, a thin and light notebook with a 3K 90Hz OLED screen and a Rex processor, but...

Lenovo launches two laptops under the Yoga Slim 7 Pro lineup

Lenovo's two new laptop entries into the Yoga Slim 7 Pro lineup have been announced. The laptops have different sizes and different processors

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Future iCAR: Three Sequences and Product Plans Exposed

Recently, the much-anticipated Chery iCAR V23 officially debuted. The...

Google Pixel 8a Renders Leaked: Blue, Green, Black and White Color Variant

Google’s previously released mid-range phone Pixel 7a has been...

Polestar Phone warms up, unveiling new experience on April 16

Geely's Polestar Motor announced that the Polestar Phone will...

Range Rover EV model to be released this year, using an 800V high-voltage platform

The pure electric version of the Range Rover will...