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Apple iPhone 14 Pro dark purple new color first

Apple has just announced the iPhone 14 Pro and...

Meta Acquires Haptic Feedback Startup Lofelt, Continues Its Metaverse Experience

As Facebook parent company Meta Platforms gets involved in...

South Korea develops Infrared Wireless Charging of phones from 30 meters away

As phones, headphones and smartwatches and other devices introduced...

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Nissan says it will phase out the Leaf EV

Nissan made a bet as early as 2010—thinking the world was ready for electric vehicles. But the Leaf never ignited the market, and now...

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US sanction on Huawei and other Chinese technology companies will be eased

The US sanction on Huawei which was as a result of claims of the tech giant being a security risk might finally lossen up in Huawei's favor.

Meizu X XOG launched PANDAER Platinum Unicorn Cyber Speaker, Priced RMB 1104

Meizu today announced the launch of a group of...

Lava Mobile is preparing to launch a new smartphone in India

Through their Twitter page Lava Mobile gave away the presence of a new device in their arsenal which will soon launch.

Google Pixel Fold is in the pipeline as shown by the Android 13 QPR1 Beta release

The most recent release of the Android 13 beta version holds lines of codes that point to the presence of the Google Pixel Fold and tablet.

Apple Watch Ultra comes in a magnificent snow-capped mountain scene box

The Apple Watch Ultra features a bold new design...