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Thunderberry5: The first Qualcomm AI-CPU-equipped development board to rival the Raspberry Pi

A large number of Raspberry Pi development boards have...

How much does ChatGPT cost? $2-12 million per training for large models

ChatGPT took the world by storm, technology giants have...

FiiO FT3 Headphones released: 60mm large size, priced at 1999 CNY

FiiO Metal large dynamic coil high-resolution headphones FT3 released,...

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Fitbit application update brings support for Google Maps whilst showing off the Google Pixel Watch

The most recent update to the Fitbit application preps Google Maps support to most watches and flexes the Google Pixel Watch.

By 2025, Google Fitbit users will need to migrate to Google accounts

Google will begin requiring Fitbit wearable device users to migrate from their Fitbit accounts to Google accounts, a switch that could become mandatory by...

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Lenovo unveils next-gen Legion Slim laptop, including 14-inch version

Lenovo released the 8th generation of Lenovo Legion Slim...

Geely’s new SUV Boyue COOL official image released, positioned as a digital human car

Geely officially released the official diagram of the new...

Ford is sparing no expense: EV business expected to lose $3 billion this year

Although Ford Motor Company is profitable as a whole,...

Lenovo launched Legion Y34wz-30 Curved Gaming Monitor: 140W reverse power supply

Lenovo today released the new Legion Y34wz-30 with a...

Microsoft executive: Google Bard is far behind Bing Chat, but it’s good enough

Google recently launched its Bard chatbot and opened it...