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Xiaomi Redmi X86 giant screen TV, 4K display + metal body RMB 4999

Xiaomi previously announced the Redmi X86 giant-screen TV. Xiaomi...

Sega says Sonic the Hedgehog series has surpassed 1.5 billion sales and downloads

Sega released the latest sales of its "Sonic the...

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“Destiny 2” community missions have bugs, players can continue to brush missions to get rich rewards

The game "Destiny 2" recently launched the theme of Eliksni Quarter, the purpose is to improve the community task "A Rising Tide" in this...

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Sony says Microsoft Xbox Game Pass subscriptions have surpassed 29 million players

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is conducting...

Microsoft also believes that GTA6 will be released in 2024

According to Gmesradar, Microsoft seems to believe that the...

Microsoft Launches Minit Process Mining Preview to Help Improve Business Operational Efficiency

Microsoft acquired Minit in March this year, which focuses...

Researchers 3D print a fully recyclable natural material house

The United States is currently facing a historic housing...