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Ford will launch a new electric truck under a new product line

REcent report prove that Ford is planning on launching a new electric vehicle that will come with a new nameplate.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro dark purple new color first

Apple has just announced the iPhone 14 Pro and...

South Korea develops Infrared Wireless Charging of phones from 30 meters away

As phones, headphones and smartwatches and other devices introduced...

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Players convert ASRock DeskMini X300 into a mini water-cooled console

A Reddit user, "Godbq", has transformed ASRock's DeskMini X300 into a mini water-cooled console. According to the report, the player used a DeskMini X300 motherboard...

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Google Pixel 6 Pro will support face unlock, which may be updated after the Pixel 7 / Pro release

Google announced that it will hold a news conference...

Valve launched official repair service for Steam Deck, no more buying repair kits

Currently, the Steam Deck handheld has been in the...

Apple iPhone 14 Pro’s A16 is 17% faster than the iPhone 13 Pro’s A15

Early benchmarks of the A16 chip in the iPhone...

Microsoft releases ISO files for Windows 11 build 25197 on Dev Channel

Microsoft released Windows 11 build 25197 for members to...

Geely Geometry M2 declaration map has been exposed

In the latest issue of the Ministry of Industry...