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Infinix XBOY Explorer NFT set will be launched with various characters

Trassion Holding subsidiary is will launch the Infinix XBOY Explorer NFT set along with the Infinix Zero Ultra.

Xbox: Phil Spencer believes the game NFT technology still has potential

Microsoft Games CEO Phil Spencer shared new comments about...

Apple is developing a touchscreen MacBook Pro, expected to launch in 2025

Apple resisted the touch screen on the MacBook just...

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Official images of Buick Electra E4 pure electric SUV released

The Buick brand today officially announced the official image of its second pure electric model Buick ELECTRA E4 based on the Autoneng platform. The...

Buick Electra pure electric SUV through the declaration: wheelbase 2954mm

SAIC-GM's Buick Electra ES has now been declared through the Ministry of Industry, which is the production version of Electra-X, the new vehicle positioned...

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Wuling Bingo’s new model is launched: ESP, automatic parking functions are supplemented

SAIC-GM-Wuling officially announced that the new models of Wuling...

Hybrid version of Wuling Jiachen MPV model is launched: price is 115,800 CNY

SAIC-GM-Wuling officially announced that its MPV model, the Wuling...

OnePlus Nord 3 renderings exposed ahead of launch

OnePlus is about to launch a new Nord series...

Twitter co-founder: Elon Musk is little reckless, new features not well thought out

According to reports, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey left Twitter's...

Diablo 4 hits $666 million in sales, fastest in Blizzard history

Blizzard Entertainment announced earlier that its action role-playing game...