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Microsoft plans to launch mobile game store as early as next year to rival Apple and Google

Microsoft plans to launch a new game app store...

Thunderberry5: The first Qualcomm AI-CPU-equipped development board to rival the Raspberry Pi

A large number of Raspberry Pi development boards have...

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AMD Zen 4 Raider R5-7600X ES chip spotted on idlefish

As an amazing second-hand trading site, hardware enthusiasts can always fish for some curious hardware through the Idlefish platform, such as sneak peeks of...

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Skyworth delivered 1282 units in March, for a total of 3946 units delivered in the first quarter

Skyworth Motors released delivery data. It delivered a total...

ASUS RT-BE96U Wi-Fi 7 router coming soon: with dual 10G ports and BE19000 specification

ASUS RT-BE96U Wi-Fi 7 router will soon be available:...

Tencent’s mobile game “Metal Slug: Awakening” launch date revealed

"Metal Slug: Awakening" announced that it will be launched...

DJI Vehicle Announces a New Generation of Intelligent Driving Solutions

DJI Vehicle today announced a new generation of Intelligent...