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Xiaomi 12S Ultra Review: 2022 Smartphone Photography Standard

the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is a bold statement and reaffirms Xiaomi as a company capable of holding its own in the flagship smartphone space. That's aside from the fact that Xiaomi is one of the biggest mid-range smartphone brands.

Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro Revealed With A New Processor

Xiaomi is now on a device launching spree as it is set to launch the Xiaomi 12S and 12s Pro with a new Snapdragon processor.

Sunburned all the way: Owners spit out the woes of panoramic sunroof models in hot weather

In recent years, due to better light transmission and more advanced appearance, panoramic sunroofs have started to appear on many models, especially on models launched by some new car-making forces. However, with the recent high temperatures across the country, many owners who have purchased models with panoramic sunroofs are suffering because of sun exposure and have shown their “misery” online with articles spitting out this design.

Recently, a heat wave swept through most parts of the country, with the maximum temperature in some areas even reaching 40 degrees Celsius. The hot sun not only made some outdoor practitioners suffer but also affected some car owners.

On the Internet, many car owners sent out pictures of themselves sitting in their cars with panoramic sunroofs being exposed to the sun.

A netizen even sent a direct message to the car designer: “Peng car designer you come out! I’m going to faint from the sun to save my life! I really don’t want to sit in this Peng g3 at noon, I really was sunburned all the way! This fully transparent roof, in the hot days of Guangdong really wants to sunburn faint. And this sun visor, you are to funny? Although from the tone of the netizen heard the dissatisfaction and helplessness, but still amused a lot of people.

Netizens spit out the panoramic sunroof

In addition to posting complaints, there are many such owners who had to find their own solutions to the problem of being exposed to the sun, and through the pictures, they released they had to remember the saying “the best is in the people”. Some Tesla owners had to wear a hat in order to protect themselves from the sun, and some even played umbrellas directly in the back seat of the car to protect themselves from the sun.

Previously, there was a test done by automotive media, with a panoramic sunroof Tesla Model S, for example, in the summer under the sun, not equipped with sunshades, even if the air conditioning is open to the minimum, it is still difficult to make the car cool, more dangerous is that, due to sun exposure, the temperature of the roof sunroof may reach a maximum of 50 degrees Celsius or more, children once touched is likely to cause burns.

Some users finally lamented how happy they were when they bought the model with the panoramic sunroof, and how sad they are now when they are exposed to the sun. For potential car buyers who have not yet purchased a car, the sun protection problem of the panoramic sunroof does need to be taken seriously, while for those who have purchased a panoramic sunroof model owners, equipped with sunshades or other insulation measures for the vehicle is not a lost solution to mend the fold.




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