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Sony Virtual Productions Digital Asset Display Platform Goes Live

Sony Virtual Productions Digital Asset Display Platform Goes Live

Sony announced today that Sony officially launched the “Sony Virtual Production Digital Asset Display Platform” on its official website, showing the virtual shooting platform suitable for advertising, TV dramas, movies, live TV and other fields. Digital asset library.

Sony said that virtual production can replace green screen shooting with digital assets in post-production. Usually a successful film and television work requires a lot of investment in digital assets. The more digital assets are required, the higher the production cost. The number of digital assets required for a film and television work depends on the number of scenes in the work that need to be shot in combination with reality (if all are virtual scenes, just use CG to make the scenes directly), so how to efficiently produce digital assets will be the key to promoting virtual production. key.

The virtual asset display platform for film and television production launched by Sony is to display the existing core digital assets to industry users. The application scenarios include Urban Elevated, California Story, Nestor Point, Santorini, Gobi Desert, Stock Exchange, etc. If there are similar scene requirements, you can directly modify the existing digital assets with a small amount to meet the shooting requirements, which will greatly reduce the production cost of virtual shooting digital assets and increase the reuse rate of existing assets.

It is learned from Sony’s official website that these digital assets have been tested and their quality meets the high-quality display standards of Sony’s black color crystal LED screen. In addition, the right to use these assets can be authorized for sale, and customers in need can contact Sony for negotiation.