Home Electric Vehicles Skyworth Motors will release 800V+4C high-voltage fast-charging technology

Skyworth Motors will release 800V+4C high-voltage fast-charging technology

Skyworth Motors will release 800V+4C high-voltage fast-charging technology

Skyworth Motor announced today that the off-line ceremony of its first right-hand drive body-in-white was held at the factory, officially launching a new round of sprints in the overseas model market.

According to reports, as early as 2022, Skyworth Motors launched the project approval of the right-hand drive vehicle project, taking the first step in the deep cultivation of overseas model projects. During the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, Skyworth Motors officially announced that the right-hand drive car is further advancing to the offline end of the market with the second-generation model. On August 17, 2023, the first right-hand drive body-in-white will roll off the production line, which marks a step closer to the mass production of right-hand drive vehicles. The right-hand drive vehicles are expected to be mass-produced and delivered in the fourth quarter of this year.

Skyworth Motors currently has a global presence in 45 countries and regions. In the future, the offline right-hand drive models will help Skyworth Motors enter more overseas markets.

Skyworth Auto also revealed that the company will release 800V+4C high-voltage fast charging technology at the Technology Ecology Conference on September 5. Different from pure boost technology, the 800V+4C super fast charging technology released this time is a global high-voltage solution. All high-voltage components include an electric drive system, power system, air conditioning system, thermal management system, battery system and charging and discharging system. All are newly developed according to the 800V high-voltage platform, and it is claimed that it will become the industry’s first 800V true high-voltage technology that “does not pick piles”. In addition, Skyworth Motors will also create a super fast charging station integrating light, storage and charging.