Home News Shenzhen Tianma: G6 AMOLED production line TM18 has locked domestic large customers

Shenzhen Tianma: G6 AMOLED production line TM18 has locked domestic large customers

Shenzhen Tianma: G6 AMOLED production line TM18 has locked domestic large customers

SZTMC said in the latest disclosure of investor relations activities, the company’s latest G6 AMOLED production line TM18 has completed the first product lighting in February this year, and has locked in large domestic customers, and actively for the end of mass production to make full preparation. As of the first quarter of this year, the company’s OLED rigid smart wearable products revenue growth of more than 90% year-on-year, product competitiveness continues to improve.

In the automotive business, Shenzhen Tianma said, in the global market competition, the company in 2021 to maintain the world’s first consecutive shipments of automotive TFT and automotive instrumentation field, market share reached 14% and 26% respectively.

This year, the company has announced the investment in the construction of in-vehicle display R & D center, G8.6 production line, new module production line, all covering the in-vehicle display market, will deepen the strength of in-vehicle display R & D applications, while expanding the production capacity of in-vehicle medium and large size products and help further enhance and optimize product specifications, better and faster to meet the diversified needs of customers, to help the company in the field of in-vehicle display system capacity and market position The company’s system capability and market position in the field of in-vehicle display will be enhanced.

In the new energy vehicle business, SZTMC pointed out that it is optimistic about the prospects of the new energy vehicle market, and with its comprehensive capabilities in various aspects such as HD, large screen, interaction and integrated intelligent cabin, it continues to occupy an important position in the supply system of in-vehicle customers and continues to actively increase its efforts to develop more new energy vehicle display applications and grow together with the new energy vehicle market.

In the consumer electronics business, Shenzhen Tianma pointed out that since this year, the industry as a whole has faced a demand pullback and other situations, the company has responded calmly, facing the challenges in the field of smartphones and other consumer electronics displays, continuing to play the head advantage, winning key projects for key customers, digging deep into the internal cost efficiency space, and continuing to maintain the global leadership in LTPS cell phone business.

On this basis, the company also actively explores the LTPS in-car and tablet & notebook markets. As of the first quarter of this year, the company’s in-car LTPS revenue grew over 200% year-on-year, and LTPS tablet & notebook revenue grew over 300% year-on-year, maintaining the overall sound operation of LTPS business.

Deep Tianma in response to investors on “how is the progress of localization of the company’s upstream raw materials?” In the display field, with the gradual maturity and stability of domestic resources, the current LCD raw material localization rate is relatively high, but AMOLED upstream core raw materials and key equipment layout, foreign suppliers still have a strong right to speak, the localization rate still needs time to improve. With the continuous development of the display industry chain and the maturity of AMOLED display technology, and the continuous improvement of the quality and capability of domestic key raw materials and equipment, the localization rate of AMOLED raw materials is expected to gradually increase.

In the progress of Micro-LED, Shen Tianma said, based on the experience accumulated in Micro-LED technology, the company announced in June this year to invest in a full-process Micro-LED pilot line from the giant transfer to the display module, aiming to rely on independent power layout, master the key common technology, through the core process, the formation of independent intellectual property rights, reserve mass production technology, from product applications and design solutions to seek technological breakthroughs. The aim is to seek technical breakthroughs from product applications and design solutions, and to promote the maturity of Micro-LED technology as soon as possible.