Home Computers Russian Baikal-S CPU gets crushed in benchmarks against older Intel and Huawei products

Russian Baikal-S CPU gets crushed in benchmarks against older Intel and Huawei products

Russian Baikal-S CPU gets crushed in benchmarks against older Intel and Huawei products

Russia’s independent CPU processor has already improved, but the situation changed suddenly and it was directly cut off. It is a pity, but it did not give up completely. Baikal Electronics recently shared some performance data, comparing their Baikal-S processor with Huawei’s Kunpeng 920 and Intel’s Xeon Gold 6230.

The Baikal-S processor is manufactured using a 16nm process, based on the Arm Cortex-A75 architecture, with up to 48 cores, 24MB L3 cache, a base frequency of 2.0GHz, an acceleration frequency of 2.5GHz, and a thermal design power consumption of 120W.

Xeon Gold 6230 is still a 2019 product, code-named Cascade Lake, 14nm process, 20 cores and 40 threads, L3 cache 27.5MB, frequency 2.1-3.9GHz, thermal design power consumption 125W.

The Kunpeng 920 7nm process is the most advanced. The self-developed TaiShan v110 architecture is also 48 cores, the main frequency is fixed at 2.6GHz, the third-level cache is 48MB, and the thermal design power consumption reaches up to 158W.

In fact, Baikal should choose Intel’s fourth-generation Xeon Platinum 8468 and AMD Zen4 EPYC 9474, which are two 48-core cores. It’s more fair, but they are not at the same level at all. The AMD processor they compared before is still the EPYC 7351 of the first-generation Zen architecture.


Baikal-S single-core 16302 points, multi-core 769354 points, 11.4% and 18.6% behind Kunpeng 920 18398 points, 945564 points, and 42.7% ahead of Xeon 6230 5390036 points in multi-core performance.


Only multi-core performance, Baikal-S 83GB/s, 24.5% behind Kunpeng 920 110GB/s, 33.9% ahead of Xeon 6230.


The multi-core performance of Baikal-S is 353.3GFlops, 8.0% ahead of Kunpeng 920 327GFlops, but 58.4% behind Xeon 6230 849GFlops.


Baikal-S has 86953 points for compression and 134271 points for decompression, 42.3% and 43.8% behind Kunpeng 920 150105 points and 239042 points respectively, and its decompression performance is 66.8% ahead of Xeon 6230 80508 points (compression performance is missing).

GeekBench 5:

Baikal-S single-core 498 points, 52.9% behind Xeon 6230 1058, multi-core 16511 points, leading Xeon 6230 9165 80.2, after all, 28 more cores.

Generally speaking, Baikal-S is a processor based on the Arm A75 architecture and the main frequency is not too high. The performance is not too outstanding. Compared with the two old products many years ago, there is not much advantage.