Home Gaming RPG game “For My King 2” to launched on November 3 on Steam, priced at RMB 79.2

RPG game “For My King 2” to launched on November 3 on Steam, priced at RMB 79.2

RPG game “For My King 2” to launched on November 3 on Steam, priced at RMB 79.2

The RPG game “For My King 2” was announced to be launched on November 3. The original price on Steam is 88 yuan, but now it is 79.2 yuan after a 10% discount, including pre-order bonuses.

[The RPG game “For My King 2” will be launched on November 3: the complete process takes more than 30 hours, now 79.2 yuan with 10% discount]

For My King” only had one main line and about nine hours of game content when it was first launched. “For My King 2” was already three times larger than the original version when it was launched, and the official Preparations are already underway to release post-launch content for the game. The official plan is to launch major free updates for the game, expanding the game world and providing new single-player or multiplayer game modes. At the same time, rich paid expansion packs will be launched frequently, providing new adventures, props, weapons, professions and other content.

According to reports, “For My King 2” is an RPG game that combines elements such as roguelike, war chess, turn-based and tabletop game running. The complete campaign will bring more than 30 hours of game experience, with 12 character professions and support Single player mode, four-player cooperative mode.

game introduction:

  • Queen Lothomen, who was once deeply loved by the people, suddenly changed her temperament. She threw her people into Faru’s dark mines as coolies, and also formed alliances with various insidious and cunning evil forces.
  • Assemble your team and travel across Farru in a single-player adventure with a four-player co-op, risking your life to confront the cruel and unpredictable Queen and find a way to end her cruel rule.
  • As the latest masterpiece of the production team of “For My King” that combines roguelite and tabletop game elements, explore the history of Faru in a new chapter. The carefully designed upgraded version of the engine will bring unique innovation and gameplay. The returning heroes are about to embark on a new adventure.
  • “For My King 2” is an easy-to-play game, but only by mastering skills, patience and strategy can you truly master its content. The randomly generated map system will bring endless replay value to every adventure you take. Every trip will be unique. New yet familiar dice-based movements, encounters, and combat mechanics add richness and variety as the dice roll determines your fate.
  • The full campaign of For My King 2 will deliver over 30 hours of gameplay, spanning 5 separate but interconnected adventures. There is a long road ahead, but there is no need to worry. As the saying goes, failure is the mother of success. Even if you fail, unfortunately, your team will be able to choose better initial items and become stronger and wiser in the next round of the game.
  • Carefully build your own team. 12 unique character classes will bring different characteristics, advantages and play styles. From a blacksmith capable of dealing heavy damage to a cunning alchemist wielding the power of potions, your chosen character will stand up to the Queen’s Guard and execute your winning strategy. Recruit troops, find companions who are good at conquering forest beasts, or recruit ruthless mercenaries in the local tavern (of course, this costs money) to tide you over.
  • Go alone or traverse Faru in four-player co-op mode. If you choose the single-player mode, you will be able to control all the characters in the team and have full control of the campaign map and battle strategy; in the four-player cooperative mode, you will need to learn to cooperate tacitly with other teammates. Can you work together to become an invincible team, or will your adventure degenerate into a hilarious farce amid the chaos?
  • Inspired by classic turn-based games, “For My King 2” will incorporate further strategic depth into the critically acclaimed combat mechanics of the previous game. The new combat grid will give the enemy and ourselves a variety of strategic additions to the movement and positioning. Success and punishment. Equip an impregnable tower shield to protect your backline, push enemies into a deadly fire, or pick up the weapons of fallen enemies and use dark magic to imprison their melee units. How you respond to the challenge, the choice is yours!
  • Faru is an extremely beautiful but dangerous and deadly country. During the journey, you will have the opportunity to witness a variety of environments and an unforgettable and stunning art style. From dense forests, poisonous swamps, magma wastes to pirates (oh my god!)… to the tropical ocean where mermaids are rampant, “For My King 2” will take you deep into the wonderful land of Faru, and get ready for this incredible adventure. Experience an unprecedented adventure in the kingdom.