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Porsche Taycan electric car crashes and catches fire, driver burned to death


Porsche’s electric car Taycan has recently been caught in a “firegate”, with some videos circulating on the internet showing a Porsche Taycan in a collision on a street near a mall in Wuzhong District, Suzhou, where the vehicle burst into flames and was eventually engulfed in flames, killing the occupants of the car.

The video shows the Porsche Taycan crashing into a guardrail and causing a fire that spread, with people passing by trying to rescue the car but unable to open the doors from the outside. According to witnesses at the scene, the fire was so intense that someone went up to try to save the people in the car, but the doors would not open. The people inside the car could not get out and died.

The person in charge of the investigation of the accident in Suzhou Public Security Bureau Wuzhong Brigade said in an interview with the media: there is indeed this accident, things are quite serious, the time is about the early morning. The brigade and the detachment are working together to deal with the accident, and asked experts to intervene in the investigation, the results of the investigation are not yet available, so it is not convenient to disclose the details.

On September 14, Porsche China responded that the initial understanding of the incident was caused by a traffic accident, and that the traffic police department had intervened to investigate, and that the local Porsche dealership would actively cooperate with the authorities as needed to assist in the investigation; no inquiries have been received from the police regarding the condition of the vehicle, and no further details have been revealed for the time being. The fact that the time of the accident and the fact that there were onlookers at the scene pulling the door could not be opened is doubtful and could not be confirmed.

Taycan is the first pure electric sports car released by Porsche in 2019, which is the world’s first model to support 800V high-voltage charging, and will be officially launched in China in April 2020. The model is currently priced at RMB898,000 to $1,838,000 in China.

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