Home Brand Story Orders for the 2024 new Voyah Dreamer have accumulated to 10,507 units

Orders for the 2024 new Voyah Dreamer have accumulated to 10,507 units

Orders for the 2024 new Voyah Dreamer have accumulated to 10,507 units

The 2024 new Voyah Dreamer was launched on October 12. The new car orders had accumulated 10,507 units. Among them, the ultra-long range excellent version PHEV (339,900 CNY) accounts for 12%, the ultra-long range premium version PHEV (369,900 CNY) accounts for 47%, and the ultra-long-range flagship version PHEV / EV (419,900 / 469,900 CNY) Accounting for 41%.

It was previously reported that the new car uses a large-size air intake grille and through-type daytime running lights. The length, width and height reach 5315/1985/1800mm, and the wheelbase is 3200mm. It provides 4 body colors, namely Rising Sun Purple and Xuanying Black. , Sun Yao Gold, Du Ruobai.

In terms of interior, the new car adopts a multi-screen design and is equipped with 5G in-car entertainment and office systems, L2 driving assistance, automatic parking, remote control parking, four-tone voice interaction, gesture recognition interaction and other functions, and supports vehicle OTA.

The car has new front seat massage functions, suede soft coverings in the ceiling and upper pillar areas, electric slide rails for second-row seats, ISOFIX interfaces for three rows, backrest angle adjustment, double-sided soundproof glass for side sliding doors, silent tires, and a passenger seat. , second-row seat memory function, multiple cabin scene modes, and various welcome effects, a total of 9 functions.

The 2024 new Voyah Dreamer PHEV model is equipped with Lanhai Power’s new hybrid engine with a thermal efficiency of 45.18%, which can output a total system power of 420kW and a total system torque of 840N·m. The CLTC feed fuel consumption is 5.36L per 100 kilometers; a built-in 43-degree super large The mica battery has a pure electric range of CLTC 236km, which can achieve full power for more than 12 hours of external discharge. The comprehensive CLTC range reaches 1231km, and the CLTC range of pure electric models is increased to 650km.


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