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OpenAI Launched Assistants API, Allowing Developers to Customize AI Assistants with One Click


At today’s OpenAI’s first developer conference, OpenAI launched the Assistants API, a “specially built AI tool” that can use “additional knowledge” to help developers apply it in their own homes Build AI assistants in the program.

OpenAI stated that the Assistants API provides three functions: “Code interpreter”, “Retrieval” and “Function calling” to help users handle “heavy work”:

     Code Interpreter allows developers to write and run Python code in a sandbox execution environment, generate graphical charts, and process files with different data and formats, and allows AI assistants to iteratively run code to solve challenging code and Math problems etc.

     Retrieval enhances the assistant with knowledge outside the model, such as proprietary domain data, product information, or user-provided documentation.

     Function Call enables the assistant to call a developer-defined function and incorporate the function response into its message.

OpenAI says the Assistants API is designed for flexibility, with use cases ranging from “natural language-based data analysis applications,” “code assistants,” “AI-based vacation planners,” “DJs,” “smart canvases,” and more.

It is reported that a key update introduced by the Assistants API is to provide persistent and infinitely long threads (Threading), allowing developers to hand over thread state management to OpenAI and solve the problem of context window length constraints.

OpenAI developer experience director Romain demonstrated the Assistants API live. He claimed that developers only need to enter the name and introduction of the chat assistant, select the model to be used, and then select the required tool to automatically generate the relevant AI assistant.

OpenAI says that, like other parts of the platform, data and files uploaded to the OpenAI API are never used to train its models, and developers can delete the data as they see fit.

It is found that OpenAI also claimed that the Assistants API will be open to beta today, and users can experience it on the Assistants Playground homepage without writing any code.


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