Home News OnePlus Ace 2V starts Android 14 ColorOS internal beta upgrade log user recruitment

OnePlus Ace 2V starts Android 14 ColorOS internal beta upgrade log user recruitment

OnePlus Ace 2V starts Android 14 ColorOS internal beta upgrade log user recruitment

The OnePlus official announced today, a OnePlus Ace 2V Android 14 x ColorOS upgrade internal test log version user recruitment is now open.

Recruitment details

  • Recruitment Model: One Plus Ace 2V
  • Recruitment time: August 21 – August 22
  • Auditing time: Auditing is expected to be conducted in batches within 5 working days after the end of the recruitment period, and the result of the auditing is subject to the display on the interface of the testing application.
  • Version push time: The version will be pushed in batches within 3 working days after the audit is completed.

Application Method

  • 1、Please make sure your cell phone version has been upgraded to version (How to check the version number: Settings > About this phone > Version information > Version number)
  • 2、Please click “Settings > About Phone > Version Information (above “Phone Name”) > Setting Button in the upper right corner > Trial Application > Upgrade Test” on your phone, and then follow the instructions to apply.
  • 3、After submitting the application, please wait patiently! The administrator will review your qualification according to your questionnaire at the end of the recruitment process, and the review result will be shown on the Trial Application screen.

The machine is equipped with MediaTek Tiangui 9000 chip, LPDDR5X memory, 1.46mm narrow bezel straight screen, equipped with 1.5K master mind touch screen, 80W super flash charging +5000mAh super large battery, 64 million ultra-clear triple camera, 12GB + 256GB first price of 2299 yuan.

The new upgrade internal test version will be divided into log version and nolog version. The internal test recruitment version is the log version. Both versions are internal test version, its running effect is not as stable as the official version, there are some bugs, the main differences are as follows:

It is worth mentioning that before upgrading, please make sure to back up your important personal data in advance to avoid data loss due to incompatibility or other circumstances after upgrading.

At present, there are still many commonly used third-party apps that are not compatible with Android 14, for example, “cloud flash payment”, “sunshine huizhou life” and other banking and financial applications, if you often and must use the above third-party apps, it is recommended to upgrade with caution.

In addition, according to the official introduction of Yiga, the current version of the following known problems, please consider signing up.

  • (1) No response to scanning the QR code at the back of the camera in specific scenes
  • (2) Splash screen when automatically resting the screen
  • (3) There is an application playing video in the background, multitasking mode switching Shake Live and Tencent video, there is a splash screen
  • (4) Small cloth suggestion card probabilistically shows no service suggestions for the time being
  • (5) The charging icon on the lock screen does not show two decimal places when super flash charging.
  • (6) The phone rings probabilistically when there is no incoming call.
  • (7) Black screen after swiping left and right to switch apps
  • (8) Probable splicing abnormality when taking a long screenshot of a weather warning.
  • (9) Probable misordering of album photos
  • (10) Probability of not being able to delete photos taken by the camera after entering the album through the preview.