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OceanBase Launches New Logo for Distributed Database

OceanBase Launches New Logo for Distributed Database

OceanBase is a fully self-developed native distributed database, which adopts self-developed corporatized architecture and supports mixed load of TP and AP with one set of engine. It has been supporting Double 11 stably for 10 consecutive years and helping customers in finance, government, operators, Internet and other industries to upgrade their critical systems.

The upgrade features three super symbols resembling floating ribbons, which are taken from OceanBase’s classic “three-copy” architecture to ensure that stored data is safe and secure regardless of extreme conditions and to achieve long-term stability and reliability of the entire system.

OceanBase’s new logo is inspired by “flowing data”, with the “floating ribbon” super symbol representing “flowing data”. Data is the most important production factor in the era of digital economy, it is everywhere and scattered in every angle of the city. When data is organically arranged and combined, i.e. “flowing”, it will have endless imagination.

The three colors in the logo, blue, green and yellow, represent technology, life and future respectively.

OceanBase new logo application scenarios.

The developer scene

Industry scene:

At present, OceanBase has achieved industry-wide application scenario coverage, supporting the scale of finance, government, operators, retail, Internet, etc. OceanBase has gone from finance to general use, breaking the past distributed database can only support large enterprises, large customers thinking stereotypes, can better serve small and medium-sized enterprises.