Home News Nintendo to launch Switch 2 handheld as soon as next year

Nintendo to launch Switch 2 handheld as soon as next year

Nintendo to launch Switch 2 handheld as soon as next year

Microsoft is on the Blizzard acquisition case and the FTC “fight”, according to the disclosure of the documents exposed many details, the latest documents mentioned that Nintendo will be launched next year, the new Switch game handheld.

Tech giants like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo tend to start working on their next-generation products immediately after releasing a game console.

The industry consensus, for example, is that Sony started work on the PlayStation 5 the next day after releasing the PlayStation 4 game console.

Nintendo, which launched the Switch game handheld in 2017, has had plenty of time to develop the Switch 2.

Microsoft Xbox program helmsman Phil Spencer said in documents that Nintendo could launch a Switch successor as soon as next year.

The Switch 2 gaming handheld will feature a customized Tegra T239 processor and will have a variety of CPU and GPU configuration options with different clock frequencies, making it easy for developers to choose the right configuration for it.

The information says that the Nintendo Switch 2 game handheld has a peak output power of 28.6W in plugged-in use and 11W in portable mode.

As for the screen, the Switch 2 development hardware comes with a 720P OLED screen, supports 24gbps HDMI 2.1, and doesn’t support a 120Hz refresh rate, though it does support 10 bit HDR and 4K60 output.

In terms of storage, the Switch 2 comes with 256GB of UHS-II-enabled storage, with read and write speeds similar to the Samsung S22, at 550mbps for reads and 480mbps for writes.

The custom Tegra T239 chip used in the Switch 2 is fully backwards compatible, and it also features an Ampere-based GPU that enables ray tracing and NVIDIA’s DLSS.