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New Ford Explorer imaginary pictures surfaced

New Ford Explorer imaginary pictures surfaced

Recently, we have obtained a set of imaginary pictures of the new Ford Explorer. The new car will be the seventh generation of this classic SUV model, and the fifth generation that we are very familiar with. , the sixth-generation model, the new car has obviously completely changed its style, its hardcore attributes have been greatly reduced, and the overall look is younger and more fashionable. It is understood that the new car may officially meet us in 2027.

It can be seen that the author of the imaginary diagram showed us three different body colors. At the same time, each model is also distinguished at the detailed design level. For example, the new car may be equipped with black exterior mirrors, which are currently very popular. A black roof design may also appear on the new car. The headlights of the new car are very innovative, and the front grille also has a through-type light strip, which is very eye-catching. The classic C-pillar and D-pillar designs of the Explorer model are retained.

In terms of power, overseas media believe that the new car will not completely abandon the internal combustion engine and may be equipped with a hybrid system. At present, we don’t know more news about the new car, and we will continue to pay attention to the dynamics of the new car in the future.