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Neta S Models V1.5.2 Pushed System Update

Neta S Models V1.5.2 Pushed System Update

According to users’ feedback, the 2023 Neta S model has now pushed the V1.5.2 version of the system update, new cruise assist, integration of automatic parking assist and many other intelligent driving functions.

The main updates are as follows:

  • New intelligent driving functions: Cruise Assist (PILOT) [including Traffic Jam Assist TJA, Intelligent Cruise Assist ICA, High-speed Lane Change Assist HWA], Fusion Automatic Parking Assist (FAPA), Low-speed Dynamic Object Recognition (MOD), Return to Original Route Assist (TBA), Lane Departure Assist (LKA).
  • Added Bluetooth headset function for passenger screen.
  • Add the function of sending the location of WeChat, Dianping, Meituan and Neta App to the car navigation.
  • Optimizing the view angle of calling panoramic image when steering and narrow lanes.
  • Optimizing the cooling effect of air conditioning.
  • Optimizing voice functions such as car control commands and passenger multimode is visible and speakable.
  • Optimizing the panel layout and navigation tone of navigation.
  • Optimize the settings that require power-down memory such as manual adjustment of air vents and passenger side resting screen.
  • Optimize the function experience of pet mode.

▲ Source: Neta website

It is worth mentioning that the 2024 Neta S was officially launched on July 20, with a total of six models, including both pure-electric and range-extended powertrains, priced between RMB 159,800 and RMB 269,800, a starting price of RMB 30,000 lower than that of the 2023 model. 2023 Neta S is only available in two models, priced at RMB 189,800 to 199,800, and the 2023 Neta S will be priced at RMB 1.8998 million.

In response, CEO Zhang Yong, CEO of Neta Motors, said in a post that the release of the 2024 Neta S will make some old owners feel uncomfortable, but as a consumer product, the price of a product with the same performance and quality is bound to get lower and lower. We will do our best to compensate old users as much as we can. It will be released later.