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Microsoft working on new features for Win11 / Win12: smart notifications, depth-of-field effects


According to the source Albacore (@thebookisclosed), Microsoft is preparing new features for the next major update of Win11 (or Win12), mainly focusing on smart notifications, Spotlight activities, cursor indicators, Depth of field effect, “Your devices” tab, energy saving page and more.

The content based on the foreign technology media pureinfotech, attached the unreleased functions/features of Microsoft Win11 / Win12 as follows:

Smart notifications

The user opens the “Settings” > “System” > “Notifications” path, and a new “Enable smart notification filtering during standard working hours” option is added to the “Notifications” settings.

It’s unclear how this feature works, but it is estimated that after users enable this option, some non-work-related notifications will be blocked during normal office hours, thereby reducing the interference of other notifications with your work.

Spotlight activities:

In “Settings” > “Privacy & Security” > “Camera”, a new “Spotlight activity” option is added to the page to display suspicious peripheral and sensor usage.

Mouse Cursor Indicator

In Settings > Accessibility > Mouse Pointer & Touch, there’s a new option to enable “Pointer indicator,” which adds a crosshair effect for better positioning of the mouse pointer.

The company has even added the “Windows Key + Ctrl + X” keyboard shortcut. Note: This is not a brand new feature, it is just now integrated into the Settings app.
Your device tab in the Settings app

On the home page of the Settings app, Microsoft is working on adding a new card called “Your Device” that will include basic technical hardware and software information about your device. Some of this information includes Windows 11’s processor, memory, version .

Energy Saver:

In Settings > System > Power, the “Battery Saver” setting is renamed “Energy Saver.”

Depth of field effect

In Settings > Personalization > Background, it was discovered that Microsoft is working on a new Depth of Field feature that adds a parallax effect to background images as you move your mouse.

In earlier versions, the feature was noted to use AI, but in the latest update to Windows 11, Canary Channel removed the “AI” reference, which may indicate that the feature won’t use AI.


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