Home Electric Vehicles Mercedes EQE SUV spotted at Nurburgring, video emerges

Mercedes EQE SUV spotted at Nurburgring, video emerges

Mercedes EQE SUV spotted at Nurburgring, video emerges

Mercedes-Benz, the German automobile giant, is trying its best to introduce an EV in every segment of the market. The latest model the company is coming up with is called the EQE SUV, which will be equivalent to the GLE. The car is still in the development phase, but the CarSpyMedia hit the jackpot when they were filming in the surrounding area of the Nurburgring.

According to CarSpyMedia, they got to see the new Mercedes-Benz electric SUV in the streets, but the scenery changed pretty soon when they followed the car back to the Nurburgring track to witness the high-speed test. It was pretty clear that this wasn’t the road test, but it seems like, the driver likes to mix it up. 

They also got to see the emergency lights flickering on rare occasions when the driver is stomping on the breaks as hard as possible to reduce the speed a bit. But the car looked very stable. When it crossed the high-speed bends, the body roll was very limited thanks to the active suspension.

Now, the EQE SUV will be based on the Mercedes-Benz EQE, hence the name. So, it is expected that the cars will have similarities. If this is true, then the base model for this new EV car will have rear-wheel drive, 292hp output, and 565Nm of torque. 

Of course, there will be a powerful version. That model will come with a twin motor, 408hp. There will also be the AMG versions, they will have two models. One with 476hp and the other one with 626hp. These models will be based on the EQE 53 4MATIC+ and share the same 90.6lWh battery capacity. Exact specifications haven’t been announced yet, it is best to wait.