Home News Meizu FlymeAuto car system will be released this week

Meizu FlymeAuto car system will be released this week

Meizu FlymeAuto car system will be released this week

Meizu announced that the FlymeAuto car system will be released on Friday (November 11), claiming that it will solve the problem of low space utilization in the Dock bar of the car screen, we can look forward to it.

Meizu uses the Smart bar as an analogy to solve the problem of low screen space utilization of the “three diamond keys” of mobile phones. Smart bar is an operating solution that Meizu introduced when the flagship phone Meizu MX2 was released. It intelligently integrates the system return key and menu key, making it one with the software function bar. The “bottom bar” displays the back and menu keys on the left and right, and the three spaces in the middle are reserved for software function buttons. If there are too many software function buttons, the Smart bar will automatically put them into the menu bar. The double layer becomes a single layer, the priority screen display area is better released, there will be no misoperation when clicking up and down, and the interface is more beautiful and the style is more uniform.

The Meizu FlymeAuto car system is claimed to be the continuation of the Meizu Flyme in the smart cockpit. Meizu said, “FlymeAuto will continue the design concept of Alive Design, incarnate as a partner with you, perceive and understand your needs, establish the interconnection between people, people and things, things and things, and finally realize multi-terminal, comprehensive scene, immersive integration experience.” And said, “More concise, more efficient, and more intelligent, we hope to give FlymeAuto a sense of dynamism and vitality that is different from traditional car machines, and also hope that it will be in the near future. More smart car users will bring unprecedented smart travel experience.”

In August this year, Meizu applied for the registration of multiple “FLYME AUTO” trademarks. The international classifications are advertising sales, scientific instruments, and transportation tools.

On July 4, Hubei Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. held a strategic investment signing ceremony in Hangzhou, officially announcing that Xingji Times held a 79.09% controlling stake in Meizu Technology and obtained independent control of Meizu Technology. . After the signing, the two parties will work together to provide users with core products of multi-terminal, full-scene, and immersive integrated experience. At that time, Meizu CEO Huang Zhipan issued a letter to all staff, saying that there will be better Meizu smartphones and Flyme systems in the future.

Earlier, according to the Beijing News Shell Finance, Shen Ziyu, the new chairman of Meizu, revealed that two core architectures, Flyme Auto Core and Flyme Auto, are currently being brewed internally. Among them, the latter is based on the Flyme system, which is an in-vehicle operating system that integrates some of the capabilities of the Yigatong in-vehicle system.