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MagicOS aims to break through the limitations of the stand-alone OS

Honor has entered its third year of formal independence from Huawei, and at the recent Glory, MagicOS and flagship new product launch, Glory CEO Zhao Ming announced a comprehensive strategic upgrade.

At the meeting, glory launched the AI-enabled personalized full-scene operating system MagicOS 7.0 and glory Magic Vs series, glory 80 series of new products, covering two major directions: software and hardware.

Glory CEO Zhao Ming said in a media interview, “As a strategic fulcrum of Glory for the future, MagicOS aims to break through the limitations of the device-centric standalone OS and bring a human-centric, cross-system, cross-device, cross-ecology smart life solution.” Based on MagicOS 7.0, it will also drive Glory to accelerate the attack from the previous cell phone field to the full scene field of software and hardware two-way synergy.

Zhao Ming revealed that in the future, Honor phones will be all-around access to MagicOS 7.0, and tablets, and laptops will also support the system of MagicOS 7.0.

Open cross-device and cross-system system

Along with the acceleration of the digitalization process, after the completion of intelligent and interconnected terminal devices, users face a new embarrassment: due to the diversity of smart device hardware and systems, these devices are still unable to interact completely and smoothly. For example, cell phones with Android systems, PCs with Windows systems and IoT devices with Linux systems are ecologically closed and it is difficult to collaborate with each other. It becomes a burden for users to connect and switch between multiple devices repeatedly.

MagicOS 7.0 introduces the MagicRing trust ring solution, based on a user-centric authentication system, which effectively connects devices of many different systems such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops together. The solution solves the mutual trust problem and also enables efficient interconnection – no need to have the same WLAN, no need to touch, devices with the same identity are automatically interconnected when they are close to each other, which is the industry’s first multi-device self-connection solution for cell phones, PCs and tablets. In addition, based on the MagicRing trust ring, MagicOS 7.0 also enables intelligent flow and sharing of services among different devices.

The Huawei Hongmeng system, known by the public, has a similar experience. However, Zhao Ming said that MagicOS 7.0’s MagicRing trust ring is not based on the same principles as its predecessor. Based on distributed soft bus technology, Harmony can only interconnect between its own products, while MagicRing Trust Ring creates an identity authentication system that allows devices with the same identity authentication system to be automatically networked in a trusted state, making the ability to connect with each other more powerful. As a result, MagicOS 7.0 continues to evolve forward and will be compatible with

existing ecological and operating system solutions, adapting to a wider range. Theoretically speaking, Harmony can join the MagicRing trust ring and access MagicOS as well.

In terms of specific experience, the connection between Harmony devices and the flow of services is point-to-point and still “device-centric”. The underlying technology of MagicOS 7.0 is precisely for these all-around upgrades and transformations, can do the corresponding services of multiple devices at the same time, let the service flow with the heart, is “user-centered”.

This time, the glory Magic Vs and glory 80 series two new products are equipped with MagicOS 7.0, with a more complete all-scene, cross-device collaborative experience and richer active intelligent service features. It is reported that the first tablet equipped with MagicOS 7.0 system, Honor V8 Pro, will be launched in December, which will bring a more complete cross-device experience.

From people looking for services to services looking for people

In the traditional intelligent terminal ecology, users need to be “people looking for services”. For example, if you take the subway, you have to find the App related to the code on your phone before entering the station, and if you are in a hurry to commute or have something in your hands, you will be in a hurry to find the App. Zhao Ming has said, “We want to create an experience that MagicOS gets better and better, and the more you use it, the more you understand it. Such an experience relies on AI technology.

MagicOS 7.0 is equipped with Magic Live, a platform AI solution that breaks the boundary between people, environment and services based on the three core capabilities of scene perception, user understanding and intent decision, enabling timely and accurate active service recommendation, or “service to people”. The same subway ride, with the MagicOS 7.0-enabled folding screen phone, the origin of the interaction experience evolved from “human command” to “AI active push”, based on Gloria’s AI algorithm, at the most appropriate time and place, the initiative to initiate smart services in line with consumer behavior habits, so that picking up Express, check flights and other common cell phone operation steps reduced by more than 50%, to improve the efficiency of folding interaction.

Although Harmony is also creating a scene-aware experience, MagicOS 7.0 has three major advantages. The first is more advanced high-precision geo-fencing capability, so MagicOS 7.0 can identify scenes more accurately; the second is better AI learning capability, MagicOS 7.0 shortens the learning cycle and realizes “the more you use, the more you understand” faster; the third is that MagicOS 7.0 has the ability to determine the precise intent of multi-intent association compared to Harmony’s single-intent perception. At present, MagicOS 7.0 can make multi-intent association understanding for 3 types of scenarios: work, commuting and travel, and provide 25 kinds of combined service recommendations, such as flight check-in reminders and destination weather reminders before travel.

Create an open ecology

Cross-end collaboration and information integration require not only the mature application of intelligent technology and continuous innovation but also the support of software and hardware partners and developers. Glory and Huawei are building their own open ecology.

At the press conference, glory announced the results of its ecological cooperation in the field of sports health and intelligent travel. Glory to create a sports health platform, through self-research equipment and ecological sports health equipment for sports monitoring and data recording, joint medical institutions and research institutions to achieve platform sharing and mutual assistance in capacity. In the field of intelligent travel, Glory announced cooperation with BYD and Baidu Apollo to provide consumers with a better experience.

On MagicOS 7.0, Gloria fully opens 22 Kits to partners in 5 major scenarios: mobile office, sports and health, smart home, smart travel, and audio and video entertainment, and releases 32 capability open sub-solutions. As of the release, Honor has built joint labs with partners such as Nail, Antennas and Ants based on MagicOS 7.0, and achieved joint co-creation with more than 100 partners.

Huawei has been working in the smart terminal industry for many years and has the first-mover advantage in ecological expansion. According to the data announced at the 2022 Huawei Developer Conference, there are more than 2200 partners and more than 2 million Harmony ecological developers.

And glory is accelerating to catch up. magic 7.0 has low code, fast access, ecological openness and other characteristics, can be quickly scaled up to apply to ecological partners. Glory also created a service platform for developers as a unified ecological entrance, one-stop docking full process services. At the same time, glory also released the “glory voyage plan”, which will provide developers with 1 billion yuan worth of resources to support.

In addition, Zhao Ming believes that Glory’s solution has the first-mover advantage in ecology, because Glory’s cell phone is based on Android’s ecology, and is standing on the shoulders of the giant Android to develop forward, and already has a strong ecosystem innately. In PC, and IoT as well, MagicOS is compatible with Matter and OLA.

“What MagicOS presents is what the operating system should look like in the future, in the era of the smart connection of everything, and it will continue to grow and improve and become better and better in the future,” said Zhao Ming. Zhao Ming said.


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