Home Electric Vehicles Luxeed LS6 total orders exceed more than 38,000 units

Luxeed LS6 total orders exceed more than 38,000 units

Luxeed LS6 total orders exceed more than 38,000 units

Luxeed Auto announced that it had placed 8,000 new orders for the Luxeed LS6 on the day it was launched, and the total number of orders exceeded 38,000 units. New cars are priced from RMB 214,900 to RMB 276,900 after listing discounts, including RMB 214,900 for the 400V platform and RMB 258,900 for the 800V platform, with MAX high-end assisted driving hardware as standard.

 MAX super performance version (702km, 3.48s), 276,900 RMB;

 MAX ultra-long range version (760km, 5.5s), 258,900 RMB;

 MAX long-range version (680km, 5.9s), 234,900 RMB;

 MAX standard version (560km, 5.9s), 214,900 RMB.

It was previously reported that the Luxeed LS6 was launched on October 12. It is equipped with a front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive system with a maximum power of 579kW and a 0-100km/h acceleration time of only 3.48 seconds. It is equipped with 800V fast charging technology, which can be charged in 5 minutes. The battery life is 200km, and charging for 15 minutes can increase the battery life by 500km.


The shape of the new car is very similar to that of the Luxeed LS7. Its length, width and height are 490419881669mm, and the wheelbase is 2950mm. With an aerodynamic porous design, the wind resistance coefficient is only 0.237; it uses split headlights and the openings in the front enclosure are wider. Large, black decoration is added to the side; the taillight has 1587 individually programmable LED units that can display characters/pictures and animation effects.

In terms of interior, the new car offers three interior colors: Verona Nano, Elba Green, and Etna Gray. It uses POPO Sofa seats, and the front row is equipped with heating and ventilation. The main driver is equipped with a two-way thigh rest, and the rear seat cushions are deep. 517mm, 10° adjustable backrest; premium first-layer perforated Nappa leather covering, and four-door silent glass.

In terms of power, Luxeed LS6 adopts a “quasi-900V” dual silicon carbide super performance platform, equipped with a front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive system, with a total power of 579kW, a combined maximum torque of 800N·m, a maximum peak speed of 21,000 rpm, and an acceleration time of 100 kilometers per hour of 3.48 s, the top speed reaches 252km/h, and the ultimate speed can reach 305 km/h.


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