Home Electric Vehicles Li Bin: The first model of the second brand “Alpine” has been trial-produced

Li Bin: The first model of the second brand “Alpine” has been trial-produced

Li Bin: The first model of the second brand “Alpine” has been trial-produced

NIO announced its third quarter financial report today. NIO’s Q3 revenue was 19.0666 billion RMB, compared with 13 billion RMB in the same period last year. The market expected 19.373 billion RMB.

In the Q3 financial report conference call, NIO Chairman Li Bin said that the first car of the second brand Alpine has recently completed the trial production of a VB car (Verification Build Development Verification Trial Prototype Car).

He said: This is the best new VB model in our history, and we are very confident in the competitiveness of our car. Sales will be separate. NIO does not plan to share stores with Alps, but will share part of the service network.

NIO President Qin Lihong previously stated that “Alpine” and “Firefly” are NIO’s internal project code names, not brand names. “Alpine” is mainly aimed at the mid-range market, and its direct competitors are products from brands such as Tesla, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

Regarding the power swap network, he said that NIO’s power swap network will have a “dedicated network” and a “shared network” in the future. Starting next year, the shared network will be built. The Alpine brand will use the shared network, and NIO users can use the shared network. .

Interpreted based on what he expressed before, NIO will start to work with other third-party partners to build a “shared power exchange network” next year, and this “shared network” can be used by NIO, Alps and other brands. The private network only serves the NIO brand.

 We decided to open NIO’s second brand, the standard battery pack for the mass market brand, to everyone. After the opening up, we have seen that these Chinese automobile companies are very active. Two have already announced contracts, and several others are in the process of negotiation. Therefore, we believe that NIO’s service capabilities, technical level, and basic network construction are all what they need. They also see the advantages of NIO’s services from the perspective of user interests.

He also mentioned that NIO’s dedicated network will continue to be built, but the specific number is still under study.

It is found that as of December 5, NIO has built 2,196 power swap stations, including 694 highway power swap stations, 3,480 charging stations (20,441), and 960,000+ three-way piles.

In November this year, NIO delivered 15,959 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 12.6%. From January to November 2023, NIO delivered a total of 142,026 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 33.1%. NIO has delivered a total of 431,582 new cars.