Home Brand Story LG Displays transparent OLED table in Starbucks

LG Displays transparent OLED table in Starbucks

LG Displays transparent OLED table in Starbucks

LG Display announced that the Starbucks new store installed transparent OLED, located in South Korea Starbucks The Lishui Tushan DT store, large “transparent OLED table” consists of 12 55-inch transparent OLED, 8 meters long.

The transparent OLED table is placed in the center of the first floor of the store, and when a drink glass is placed on the table, the sensors react and create a wave effect around the glass.

“The Yeosu Gusan DT Store is one of the “THE Stores” launched by Starbucks Korea under the concept of “Selling Culture, Not Coffee,” in line with the strategy of making the store itself a famous one. The store has already received over 20,000 visitors in just 10 days after its opening, with an average of 2,000 visitors per day on weekdays.

Transparent OLED, which is currently being mass-produced by LG Display, is the only technology in the world that maximizes the benefits of OLED, namely that pixels emit light on their own.

It generates less heat than existing LEDs, making it suitable for indoor use, and can be installed in a variety of spaces such as windows, walls, and floors by using special tempered glass that can safely withstand the load.

Following the existing 55-inch transparent OLED, LG Display plans to expand the lineup to 77 inches and 30 inches in the future.


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